Since October 2022, I am an independent luthier in Weimar.

Before, from 2019 to 2022, I worked in Berlin for Adrian Heinzelmann, where I gained valuable experience in the construction of modern concert guitars.

During this time, I started developing my own concert guitar model, drawing on the knowledge and skills I acquired while building my journeyman piece. It was also a fascinating experience for me to rent a workspace near Angela Waltner’s for three quarters of a year, which allowed me to gain some insight into her working methods. Additionally, I always found great inspiration through exchanges with guitar maker Adrian Neher.

I also provided instrument maintenance and repairs for students’ instruments at “Zrock Instrumentenbau” in Berlin-Steglitz, and I conducted repairs independently. Some of these projects involved beautiful and extensive restorations of historical instruments, entrusted to me by Christof Hanusch. I also did work such as fretboard leveling, refretting, repairing and retouching cracked backs and tops, reattaching necks and more.

I graduated my apprenticeship as a luthier in 2019 at the vocational school in Mittenwald.

I was born in 1998 and raised in Berlin.